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€ 5,900,000

¡Investment Opportunity: Versatile Land of 170,000 m² with Urban Development Potential of 22,000 m²!
We are pleased to introduce you to an exciting investment opportunity in a unique and strategically located plot of land covering 170,000 square meters, with 22,000 square meters designated for urbanistic development.
This promising site offers investors the opportunity to participate in a project that not only promises significant returns but also has the potential to transform the area.
The strategic location of this land, together with its generous size, makes it an exceptional asset for residential, commercial, or mixed development. The area destined for urban development use allows for the construction of a modern infrastructure that can meet the growing demands of the real estate market.
• 17 km from the Malaga town
• 10 km from the Malaga Technology Park
• 13 km from the Malaga airport
• 20 km from the coast
• 40 km from Marbella
The proximity to key urban centers, convenient transport connections, and growing demand in the region make this land an attractive investment. In addition, the possibility of sustainable and environmentally friendly development aligns with current market trends.
Currently, there is a building on the land that has been used as an events center and has a restaurant license which is changeable for the investment project you wish to carry out. We have the possibility of providing help with the procedures necessary for the viability of permits for various projects.
Among the development possibilities of this area, we have:
• Seniors Resort
• Wellness retreat hotel
• Casino – Hotel
• Outdoor activity center
• And other investment projects that investors may think of.
Our team of real estate development experts is ready to collaborate with interested investors, providing detailed advice on land potential, feasibility analysis, and strategies to maximize returns.
Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting project.
This land not only offers a solid investment but also the possibility to contribute to the growth and development of a thriving community.
Contact us for more information and secure your place in this unique investment opportunity!

Ref: R4572130

kontakt z agentem

Karol Adam Strumiński

Nr ref. – R4684657

Nr ref. – R4604818

Nr ref. – R4293316

Nr ref. – R4553941

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